Our license is renewed every July and is displayed on our office wall where all can see.

Our insurance coverage has evolved over the years to cover a broader spectrum of projects. We will gladly furnish our certificate of insurance upon request.

Our estimates are comprehensive and straight to the point. We actually receive compliments on our simple yet complete estimates.

Our estimates include a payment schedule based on project milestones.

Drawing are drafted for changed floor plans, utility, wall locations and elevations of wall mounted changes.

Prior to the beginning of any remodel project, we have a walk-through with our project manager and if need be our trades people involved in order to get them familiar with the logistics necessary for a safe and productive remodel.

Along with receiving a projected timeline, you are updated on schedule changes in a timely manor.

Our project managers are consistently preparing and adapting each step of the project to suit your unique application and keep our craftsmen on task.

Yes. All of our contractors and their work is respected throughout the industry.

Yes. We maintain a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

Yes. In addition to clean job site practices, a daily check list unique to each project is followed.

Yes. It is part of our final walk through.